Frozen Maw Pass Ambush 40×30 Battlemap

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Hired as guards for a merchant caravan, you travel through an icy pass in the mountains only to find your way is blocked by the remnants of an earlier caravan. The two horses lie dead in the snow and are being torn apart by two different monsters.

You hear yelling from a nearby tree on one of the rocky bluffs, and see a man clinging to the high branches. Another, different monster is prowling around its base, trying in vain to get to him. He shouts at you not to kill the monsters, explaining that they’re his family and they were only polymorphed into the creatures by a tainted potion. They don’t remember who they are, but the effects will wear off in a couple of hours.

Until then, he begs you to restrain them, not kill them.

WHAT’S HAPPENING? The man, his wife and children were transporting their alchemical wares to sell at seasonal markets. But the carts went over a large log that had been buried by snow, which jostled the volatile crates and caused an explosion.

Some tainted polymorph potions splashed onto the others, but the man was already crouching looking for a snack in his rucksack when the blast went off which is how he avoided the substance.

If you try to get past the monsters or move the wreckage off the road, they’ll attack. If the monsters are killed, they turn back into a woman and two young boys—twins, about ten years old. The man will weep over their bodies, then try to stab you with a dagger while yelling at you and crying.

Frozen Maw Pass

Daggertooth Beach

The Dagger Reef

Deadwind Canyon Ambush

Deadwind Canyon

Wyrmtooth Gully Ambush

Wyrmtooth Gully

Dragon Mountain River


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