Sewer Goblins!!

This encounter follows our model of “Anytown, RPG!” where you can in theory place an encounter that we have created into any old town you might happen to have in your game at home. With that being said, we have left certain details like the town map, the name and the like blank so that you can fill in the details as you see fit. Remember, take our work as a stepping stone towards whatever end you see fit for your game and your players.

Now, in said unnamed town, if the party stops at the local inn they happen to hear two men talking about Goblins and how they have infested the sewers. If the players go up to the men, named Krill and Ricken, they learn that both are masons for the city. If asked more about the goblins they will mention how the mayor of the town seems to not be doing anything about it even though many of the townsfolk have mentioned it to the Mayor. According to Krill, the Mayor informed him that the Goblins will likely move on and to not even worry about their mischief. The only problem is that it has been 6 weeks now and towns people have started to go missing on top of a plethora of stolen common goods, ranging from food, to simply very shiny objects that are being taken out of local shops. Ricken will mention how his cousin the blacksmith has lost many of his best polished work to these thieves!

The two men notice that the party seems like they are equipped to be able to handle this problem and beg the party to help. Making a comment “we don’t care if the goods come back we just want it to end.”

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