Early Middle Ages Volume 2

A system-agnostic sourcebook in two volumes, for any historical or fantasy game.

Early Middle Ages presents a real-world account of Europe from the dawn of the 9th century through the 11th century. Based on the academic work of Henry Osborn Taylor, it focuses on the effect of Christianity on scholarship and culture, for better or worse, with both a sympathetic eye toward the people of the time, and a critical judgment that can only be gained in retrospect.

The result is a look at the period that goes beyond the lineages of kings and chronicles of various wars. This volume is filled with information that can be mined for worldbuilding details usable in your own settings. There are colorful characters that can be adapted as villains and non-player characters. Story hooks abound, either as background details for your game world, or as adventure seeds for player characters to pursue.

In presenting the Medieval Reference series, my goal is to get people to look beyond official gaming material for inspiration. There is a wealth of ideas to be found in history, biographies, and older fiction from before the tabletop roleplaying game era that is waiting to be tapped. My hope is that this book with fire up your imagination, and help you to discover new possibilities. It’s listed on the credits page of every book we publish.

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