Gaia Awakening – Memento Mori: Risen

Gaia Awakening – Memento Mori: Risen is a Solo Story Adventure. The premise for the story, along with the endgame of the antagonists, are included along with a brief description of the setting and circumstances. The descriptions are provided for the purpose of immersion only.

The memento mori – the marked reminder that death will find us all – is often worn by those who do not fear their end. Some believe that death is merely a beginning; the entrance to another chamber of existence. For the Risen, death means something else. It means the chance to put things right.

The Story is your own to tell, and your Character is yours to play.


A life force contains the essence of the living being it fuels. Some scholars within the Gaian Consortiu claim that Universal Energy is composed of this essence, and that all who are born, live, and have died, are returned to the Source of Universal Energy at some point. Theologians describe this as a miraculous phenomenon which connects every single living being. To the scientist, it is a simple transference of energy. To the philosopher – a paradox. For if Energy is ever-abundant in it’s sustenance, how then can a life be finite? The answers lie in Gaia’s future. Humanity has many discoveries to make, and the Awakening is but a steppingstone.


It is the year 2082. In the here and now, a fluctuation in the flow of Universal Energy has subtly rippled across Gaia’s surface.

 In the wake of brutality, a Magic-User lays cradling the one they love. As both of their life forces diminish, their souls entwine. Whether their essences seek merely to survive, or whether the Universe has granted them bounty, the Magic-User’s eyes open. The essence of their beloved is a warm glow, calling the physical host to feel as they felt. An extra sense almost, which unhinges everything the Magic-User has ever known about themselves. Carrying all of their collective love, joy, vitality, and pain, the Magic-User stands up. Driven by the essence of their love, their physical form perseveres. The first Reborn has arisen.

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