June Preview! Even Titan City needs heroes!

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Another month and another shroud of evil lands upon the greatest of cities. What is it gonna be this time? The gangs? The greedy corporations? Mutants, aliens, monsters? What if Ryan Ricksson will be too busy running his own scheme and business to protect us? Who are we gonna call?

The Titan Watch! The self-made and self-proclaimed defenders of the city and sometimes even values. 

This month we are focusing on the good guys! In the diverse range of heroes, you will find the heavy hitters, wasteland avengers, city best cyber-docs, bestial warriors, hunters, maniacs, and mad scientist! Get ready for an arsenal of new weapons and unbreakable armours! It’s payback time!

Good news for GridWars is coming! In June we will be adding the first new additions to our cyberpunk wargame. Reinforce your squads with some of the miniatures that were released in the past months!
If you are late to the challenge, be sure to check out the campaign. You can become a late backer and instantly download all the exclusive GridWars content with one click!

We are happy to announce that Cyber Forge is preparing for its anniversary celebration this July (yes, it has been a great year of chrome and space)! Be sure to be here in July for big surprises and a lot of new content!

Thanks for making this happen!
Stay Cyber and look out for the full preview coming!
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