Tasha’s Crucible of Everything Else Volume 2

Brought to you by QL Games, Tasha’s Crucible of Everything Else is a massive, two-volume collaboration of over 25 different Guild creators that expands on the options found in the Player’s HandbookDungeon Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual. 

This is the long-awaited second volume of the top 5%, Platinum-bestselling series.

Below is a short description of what you’ll find in each chapter of the book.


  • 23 new subclasses for every class, including artificer
  • More optional class features
  • Adds spells from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything to expanded spell lists


  • new character races, both custom and classic
  • Variant and subrace options for aarakocra, kobolds, and orcs


  • Use swarms to speed up group combat
  • Guidelines for how to make your own swarms
  • 11 new swarm stat blocks


  • 29 new NPCs ready to implement into any game
  • Meet Tasha, one of the greatest wizards of the known multiverse
  • Encounter a wide variety of criminals, druidic knights, priests, paladins, and sorcerers


  • 37 new creatures for your party to encounter
  • Discover an imaginary goddess, a new familiar, and the world’s weirdest dragon
  • Browse the library of quasi-elementals and
  • Face off against hoards of imaginative zombies
  • Never(?) get lost again with your new monstrous compass



Chapter 1: Subclasses

  • Artificer
    • New Artificer Infusions
    • Kobold Engineer
  • Barbarian
    • Path of the Cosmic Juggernaut
    • Path of the Dragonheart
    • Path of the Horned King
  • Bard
    • Optional Class Features
    • College of the Requiem
  • Cleric
    • Optional Class Features
    • Frost Domain
  • Druid
    • Optional Class Features
    • Circle of the Coven
    • Circle of the Seafarers
    • Dragonfriend Options
  • Fighter
    • Phoenix Knight
  • Monk
    • Way of Devils
    • Way of the Cosmic Mind
    • Way of the Warshaper
    • New Elemental Disciplines
  • Paladin
    • Optional Class Features
    • Oath of Unrest
  • Ranger
    • Optional Class Features
    • Bog Phantom
    • Predator
  • Rogue
    • Wayfinder
  • Sorcerer
    • Optional Class Features
    • Bestial Spirit
    • Rakshasa Bloodline
  • Warlock
    • Optional Class Features
    • The Ancient Wyrm
    • The Cryptic Oracle
    • The Great Ooze
  • Wizard
    • Hellhunter
    • Mimicry

Chapter 2: Races

  • Aarakocra
  • Ibexi
  • Kuo-Toa
  • Mourntouched
  • Ratperson
  • Rogue Modron
  • Rollic
  • Taleyri
  • Variant Kobold: Draconic Kobold
  • Variant Orc: Orog

Chapter 3: Group Combat as Swarms

  • Swarm of Angry Commoners
  • Swarm of Crawling Claws
  • Swarm of Frogs
  • Swarm of Gnolls
  • Swarm of Goblins
  • Swarm of Kobolds
  • Swarm of Skeletons
  • Swarm of Sprites
  • Swarm of Stirges
  • Swarm of Wolves
  • Swarm of Zombies
  • Making Your Own Swarms

Chapter 4: NPCs

  • Criminals
    • Bounty Hunter
    • Crimelord
    • Fence
    • Interrogator
    • Muscle
    • Poisoner
    • Wannabe
  • Druidic Knights
    • Spore Warrior
    • Coastal Warrior
    • Gatekeeper
  • Elemental Disciple
  • Priests and Paladins
    • Dark Priest
    • High Priest
    • Holy Warrior
    • Paladin
    • Prophet
  • Secretary
  • Sorcerers
    • Aberrant Sorcerer
    • Archsorcerer
    • Beastlands Sorcerer
    • Clockwork Sorcerer
    • Divine Sorcerer
    • Draconic Sorcerer
    • Shadow Sorcerer
    • Spellslinging Sorcerer
    • Storm Sorcerer
    • Tigerblood Sorcerer
    • Wild Sorcerer
  • Tasha

Chapter 5: Monsters

  • Adamantine Golem
  • Blibdoolpoolp
  • Bonacon
  • Displacer Beast Alpha
  • Fallen Unicorn
  • Frog Dragon
  • Glass Dragon
  • Hangman’s Tree
  • Hellchain Weaver
  • Incense Panther
  • Infernal Werehound
  • Kuo-Toa Leviathan
  • Liarbird
  • Miniloth
  • Monstrous Compass
  • Parandrus
  • Potion Tick
  • Quasi-Elementals
    • Dust Elemental
    • Ice Elemental
    • Lava Elemental
    • Lightning Elemental
    • Mist Elemental
    • Mud Elemental
    • Steam Elemental
  • Tamlin
  • Uzvydah the Fear Demon
  • Xaren
  • Zombies
    • Alchemical Zombie
    • Burrower Zombie
    • Chaos Zombie
    • Hive Zombie
    • Horde Zombie
    • Painspeaker Zombie
    • Pyre Zombie
    • Spike Zombie
    • Steamwork Zombie
    • Tyrant Zombie

Appendix: Spells Referenced

  • Danse Macabre
  • Dragon’s Breath
  • Mind Sliver
  • Primal Savagery

On the Cover

Emmy Rodgers paints a gorgeous picture of the sly and dangerous archwizard Tasha, peering at unfortunate adventurers. You can find more of Emmy’s work at her website (www.tattered-demalion.tumblr.com) or on her Instagram page (@TatteredDemalion)

Design Team


Q: Do I need to own or have access to Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything to use this book?

A: Nope! This book was intentionally written to be an excellent stand-alone product.

Q: Do I need to own Volume 1 to use this book?

A: Nope! This book was intentionally written to be an excellent stand-alone product. But if you’re interested, you can find a discounted bundle for the two volumes here.

Q: Where can I find Volume 1?

A: You can find it here.

Q: What’s in Volume 1?

A: Subclasses, spells, magic items, and dungeon master tools!

Q: Is there a bundle discount for purchasing both volumes?

A: Yes! You can find it here.

Q: Will there be a Volume 3?

A: No, but QL Games and other design team members will continue to produce high-quality works. Sign up for QL Games emails below to stay tuned on upcoming products, like The Draconomicon or Gnome Ceremorphs

Q: I found a spell, magic item, or stat block reference that isn’t italicized or bolded like it should be. Should I worry about that?

A: No, we are aware of that problem and are actively remedying it. The next major update will have those errors fixed.

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