The Book of Night – A Ravenloft Player Companion



In this brand new collection of player options, wield the dark powers of Ravenloft! Be part of the mist itself with our Mistbrone lineage, seek out and destroy the dark powers with out Hunter background or choose one of the 40+ new subclasses featuring dark delights such as:

The Blood Knight: Drain your enemies and wield your body as a weapon

The College of Tarokka: Foretell doom for your foes with our new Tarokka college, feature three different ways to use the cards including Tarrot, Standard Card Deck and Dice!

Sticther: An artificer capable of making his own customised undead minion out of his fallen enemies!

Way of the Wolf: Ripe apart your foes with the animalistic fury of a lycanthrope!

Oath of the Mist: Serve the mists as it sustains your very life force! Call upon its power to devastate your foes!

The Lost Love Patron: Your fallen lover gives you protection and terrible undead powers

The Gifted Bloodline: Accept the potent gifts of the lords of Ravenloft and wield their dark powers!

Two new Blood Hunters: Order of the Fangseeker and Gravestalker, as well as brand new Profane Soul options based on our new Warlock Patrons!

Featuring dozens more that use Blood Magic, Necromancy, Lycanthropy, Dark Powers and even the very Mists of Ravenloft!

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