The Temple of Tesh-Yatra

The Temple of Tesh-Yatra is a setting-neutral dungeon delve for a party of 6th level adventurers, inspired by the classic funhouse dungeons of yesteryear. The dungeon takes 6-10 hours to fully explore. It features a high proportion of non-combat encounters: puzzles, exploration, and the occasional deadly centrifuge. The ungodly fusion of a mad scientist’s lab and a planar temple, the dungeon includes an encounter that can launch your players into the Nine Hells – for a price…

The Temple of Tesh-Yatra includes two new constructs to use in your game: the sinister Maimers, and the enigmatic Skorverra; as well as a new magic item: the Amulet of Tesh-Yatra, an artisan’s dream! The Temple of Tesh-Yatra also comes with a VTT battlemap (transparent PNG format).

The Temple of Tesh-Yatra is the first published dungeon from Adventurers’ League Tier 4 Open Call finalist Rowan Williams.

This adventure is Pay-What-You-Want. If you enjoyed the module, please do consider paying what you can – your money allows me to spend more time developing adventures and other D&D content.

This product is priced at $3.99


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