Wild West Medicine Bag Generator

The concept of a medicine bag (or bundle) has existed across the world for millennium. The bag is usually a small pouch that hangs off the neck and holds sacred items that the warrior or shaman uses for strength and to protect their soul from danger. It also has a profound cultural significance since each item has a spirit and a story associated with it. While the items of a medicine bag can be bartered among family, the owner must know the item’s story for it to have any power. If the stories of the items in a medicine bag aren’t shared, then the tribe will bury the bag with the warrior when they die. It’s sacrilegious for anyone outside the tribe to even touch it.

This roleplaying tool gives you hundreds of different combinations of medicine bags to add a new dimension to your Wild West game (like Boot Hill, Tall Tales, Dead lands, Wild West, etc.). Each medicine bag should have at least one item from the animal, mineral plant and human tables, or more if the character is more experienced. The other five tables explain the appearance of the bag, the owner’s guardian animal, the current mystic focus of the bag itself, and the source and meaning behind reach of the items. While it’s possible items of worth might be part of the medicine bag, these objects have spiritual power and would never be sold or see the light of day outside of private rituals. Since losing this bag is equal to losing their spiritual power, medicine bags are treated very carefully.

This Generator list has 9 interconnected tables (with either 20 or 10 outcomes on each) that all deal with same topic (medicine bundles / bags).

NOTE: This products assumes a low/no magic environment. For a fantasy / magical version of this generator, look for an upcoming Fantasy version of this product.

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