Cities of Sundara: Hoardreach (PFRPG)

Rearing against the sky, the lord of all it surveys, the place once known as Shear Cliff has been transformed. Once little more than a lonely mountain, the last survivor of a range that was destroyed by cataclysm and disaster, the sky island has been remade into a thing of wonder. Circled by wyvern riders, night fliers, and skyships, Hoardreach’s lights can be seen for a hundred miles as they draw travelers and pilots toward it.

Perhaps the greatest wonder of Hoardreach, though, are the Founders. Five dragons who banded together initially for control of a larger territory, they’ve unfurled their wings to shelter dozens of towns and villages beneath the shadow of their city. Their strength laid the foundation for Hoardreach, and it is their scales, their breath, and their very Wyrm Mark that has helped the city become what it is today!

The City of Wyrms is a place where danger and miracles walk hand-in-hand. Where creatures often called “monsters” make their homes, and build their own lives under the rule of the Lex Draconis. A place where the purple-plumed dragon knights stand their vigil, and where schemes and plots are hatched in secret everyday. A flap of a dragon’s wings in Hoardreach can send fortunes spinning half a world away, and it is where the outcast, the brave, and the sly come to find their own adventures.

“Hoardreach: The City of Wyrms” is a supplement for Sundara: Dawn of a New Age, but it can also be added to any existing game or setting! This particular supplement includes:

  • City map and history of Hoardreach.
  • District-by-district breakdown, including unique locations, notable NPCs, and rumors.
  • Rules for dragons in Sundara, as well as unique items like the scale suit, the dragon knight archetype, and the unique powers that comes with bearing a dragon’s Wyrm Mark.
  • GM advice section for how to get the most out of using Hoardreach in your game!
  • This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

Two pages are the front and rear covers, one the front matter, one the Table of Contents, one is ads and one the Open Game License.

This supplement is also available in a version for 5th Edition gaming.

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