Expedition to Silver Island

   An expedition has been prepared to explore the recently discovered Silver Island. A joint effort by the Queen and several Silver Dragonborn Lords, the expedition’s primary purpose is to claim the island for the Queen. A secondary purpose is to determine if this is the homeland of the Silver Dragonborn. The players have joined the expedition, hired as explorers to determine the Silver Dragonborns’ claims and to generally explore the island. In return, they have been given an increased share (five shares each) in the expedition. More importantly, it has been suggested that the Queen and Lords will greatly reward those that uncover the secrets of the island that lead to a successful colony.

   This dungeon is intended as an introduction for new, 1st level characters. A large part of this book is an introduction to the island and why the players are traveling there, with the Harbor Castle being the first stop, and hopefully a safe place to explore the island from after this adventure. Pre-generated characters are provided.  Players are free to create their own, the remaining pre-generated characters will be other explorers on the expedition.

   The Depths of the World is Part II of the Silver Island Campaign.

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