Name’s Games May 2020 Collection

Thank you for your interest in the this compilation of our Name’s Games Patreon Content. This content has been made available to a larger audience who either cannot, or does not want to join Patreon. If you decide you would like to join us down the line, our backers enjoy additional benefits, including credit toward custom requests or the purchase of our products and exclusive access to the 200-page, print on demand annual collections. You could even pick up a custom request for yourself if you want anything created for you for Pathfinder 1e or 2e, or the 5th edition of the world’s most recognizable RPG.


  • The Alkuaine – an ogl conversion of the elemental-based elves from Arcanis. Includes heritages for air, death, earth, fire, life, and water, as well as a few racial feats and a noble path (located at the end).
  • A preview of how we handle drake companions in Lands of Theia, including updated archetypes for the cavalier and druid.
  • The Idon weapons master archetype for fighters, which allows them to wield anything as a weapon in a pinch.
  • New necromantic studies for the necromancer class, as well as a look at the spotlight for Zaldaniss, a lizardfolk iconic necromancer from Lands of Theia.
  • The judge magister prestige class grants the dedicated another path to becoming a censor, and the lawmaker archetype gains greater aptitude over combat training.
  • Exiled outcast nobles must turn to vigilantism to help their people while they hide from corrupt government and assassins from within their own courts.
  • Resistance is futile with the Collected convergence, which grants progressive increases to survivability and access to a hive mind, so long as you agree to being incorporated.
  • Should you fail to comply, the collected infestation can make you conform within minutes should you succumb to it.
  • On the Play Manga d20 front this month, we converted the shaman class and provided its point spread so that players can get ahold of their own spirit animal using the point system.

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