Shadows of Space

Shadows of Space is actually two products, the first is a new setting for the N.E.W. rpg system with three new alien species and two other species types, clone and bio-engineered androids.  New careers for the aliens, a new NPC (enemy), new items, new skill, new exploits and a specific android trait.

A starting history and timeline for the human players, as well as historical backgrounds for the three new aliens.

The second product is a complete toolkit to allow the creation of entire quadrant maps, solar system maps and planet/moon maps.  The graphics are included in the toolkit and with the help of a free download program called, you can start making your own!

The product has a quadrant map already included, ready to go with 20+ solar systems shown, along with several planet/moon maps for the known systems.  The remaining maps can be configured with the toolkit and program for your very own quadrant!!

For those who have Fantasy Grounds a free .mod file is included that is already populated with the images and information in the toolkit and the PDF.

Three tutorial videos (located on YouTube) are also linked in the PDF so that you can follow along and see how easy it is to create new artwork and/or modify the artwork that comes with toolkit.

Make your own quadrant and let your imagination free!!

This product is priced at $9.50


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