A Botanical Guide to Barovia

A Botanical Guide to Barovia is a new supplement for Curse of Strahd or any other campaign. It contains:

25 Plants: 25 plants with poisons, environmental effects, and more

2 New Subclasses: Ranger Subclass – Tree Speaker, Druid Subclass – Circle of Rot

9 Magic Items and Mundane Items: Including the legendary Heart of Barovia, a new weapon to add to your Curse of Strahd campaign

6 New Monsters: Terrify your players with monsters like the Shadowfell Dryad and the Janus Tree (a great replacement for Wintersplinter in Curse of Strahd!)

Location/Short Adventure: This book also includes a new location for Curse of Strahd, the Grove of Grey Mists. This roughly 4-hour adventure uses the plants and monsters from this book, and includes advice on using it as a one shot or adapting it to fit your campaign.

STRETCH GOALS! New monsters, magic items, and more will be added to this book if the stretch goals are unlocked. 

This entire book is available as a full preview.  Please support the project so that we can keep making more!

Content Warning: This book contains descriptions of substance use, violence, and death.

A Botanical Guide to Barovia Summary Pic

A Botanical Guide to Barovia Stretch Goals

This product is priced at $4.99


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