Creepy Crawlies

Creepy Crawlies joins Praise His Name and other titles in the Unspeakable Things series. Like its predecessors, this entry wraps a story around a monster wholly conceived and created by an artist. Here, my friend and regular contributor to Shadow of the Demon Lord products, Jack Kaiser, confronted his own fears of all things arachnid and presented me with a nasty little spider creature that lives inside the body of a human victim. I love this piece, shown on the next page, as the thing looks to be bursting out from some dark, nasty place, dripping and flailing about for its next victim. You can find Jack’s work all over Shadow of the Demon Lord products and out there in products by other publishers. Jack’s monstrous creation inspired a delightful and sinister threat that might work as a chance encounter for groups traveling through the Northern Reach or for an entire adventure designed to expose the creepy crawlies before their infestation spreads.

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