Infiltrating the Gilted Guild

The guilds of Ravnica have begun to notice erratic behavior in some of their members. Many previously diligent officers have become lax, and historically insightful traders have made misstep after misstep. Worst of all, some of those considered the most loyal have defected, renouncing all ties to their former guilds. Though not obvious at first, carefully tracing the ripple effects of these strange behaviors has revealed they always seem to benefit one organization: the Orzhov Syndicate.

Unfortunately, this circumstantial evidence isn’t enough to formally accuse such a powerful group. Without solid proof of unlawful action, the Orzhovs’ nefarious interference will continue to go unpunished. Luckily, rumors with the taste of credibility have begun to spread, and they speak of an artifact the Orzhovs use to manipulate the minds of others. Retrieving the object could be the key to bringing just retribution down upon the power-hungry church. Unfortunately, it remains locked away, securely within the Church of Deals in a room only accessible by official members of the guild. To retrieve it, you’ll need to infiltrate the guild that long ago discarded religion to worship the more practical theologies of gold and power.

And then you’ll have to get out.

Infiltrating the Gilted GuildĀ is an adventure designed for a party around level 9 that should take about 2 sessions to complete. Inside, you’ll find

  • a 16-room dungeon filled with engaging encounters and puzzles
  • homebrew monsters and magic items, including one associated with each of the Ravnican guilds
  • several full-color maps, each with both a player and DM version
  • a fight with two bosses that will require much more thinking than “I cast fireball”

We hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

This product is priced at $2.95


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