Enclosed in this product is a haunting pensive sci-fi themed seamless (loopable) insturmental music track in mp3 and wav formats. The track comes in two different tempos, one at 105 bpm and one at 160 BPM to set the mood. These tracks are perfect for use as ambient background music, intermission music in between encounter segments. during character generation sessions, or for player planning breaks. The tracks are four and six minutes long respectively, but are composed to be seamless so that they can be placed on continuous play. 

This product is an original music composition and licensed to you the buyer for personal use and listening enjoyment. This track is copyrighted all rights reserved and cannot be used in commercial projects without Luminous Design’s expressed permission or through the purchase of a commercial license (please contact us for details). Thank you for purchasing our product and we hope you enjoy this ambient insturmental piece.

This product is priced at $1.00


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