Short Yard and The Grung Hollow

The village of Short Yard isn’t so much a village as it is a cluster of homes and small buisnesses built up around the Short Yard Inn, itself found along an old country road between two larger towns, several days journey from either. Its a fairly quiet place where everyone knows everyone, though there has been some troubles as of late. Worse of all, something has made the innkeep’s daughter sick and the only thing left that might cure her is found deep within an old hollow, home to a group of xenophobic, territorial grungs. You are young Arro Shortyard’s only hope. Will you venture deep beneath the earth to find the rare mushrooms that will treat her sickness?

Included in this supplement:

The village of Short Yard, with 4 places of interest, 5 interesting NPCs, and two adventure hooks.

The Grung Hollow, a complete adventure suitable for a party of 1st level adventurers.

Shortyard and The Grung Hollow can be used together or seperate and are appropriate for use in your Forgotten Realms or setting neutral game.


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