State of the Dragon #142

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PATREON: We’re staying the course here for now. I don’t really have a major update at the moment, so expect things to stay as normal for now. No surprises.

STREAMING: Last week’s streams went well, and I expect to continue with streams as scheduled. You may have noticed a few little tweaks around the edges to tighten things up and make them more presentable. I hope to continue that and improve the experience there. I’d also like to stream more in the future, schedule permitting. There’s also some collaborative stuff in the works that I’m super excited about, so I can’t wait to get that off the ground and share it with you all!

DISCORD: Come check it out if you haven’t already! It’s a great place to engage with lots of cool people and talk about all of your favorite TTRPG topics and then some!

BLOG: I don’t have any plans for updates this week, but if inspiration strikes, I may do something. Until then, enjoy the article we posted last week.

OTHER PROJECTS: Okay, lots going on here. I pushed through one commission, and then the client renewed for more. I also burned through a separate smaller one, and put in some serious work on a different piece as well. There’s still a lot to do though across multiple projects, so I’m juggling quite a bit here. I do have some ideas for personal projects though, and I am *going* to carve out some time for something this upcoming week. That’s a promise. It may or may not be something that’s publish ready, depending on which project I work on, but I need to be better about my time management, and I’m going to explicitly set aside some time for this. Either way, some cool stuff coming out soon, whether it be headed up by me or someone else.

PERSONAL LIFE AND GAMING: Once again, I somehow managed to have yet another flare up, and admittedly I’m a little concerned for my health at the moment. Especially considering if something is wrong, I’ll have no way to actually deal with that. Still, I feel fine at the moment, and that’s good at least. Mental health has been fluctuating between highs and lows, but we’re getting by. I’m still looking towards setting up some proper TTRPG play time for myself, but I’m putting it on my to-do list this week to properly figure out how I’m going to manage that. Something soon, I’m sure.

Okay, that about covers things. I know this update looks a little sparse, and I’m sorry. There’s honestly a lot of behind the scenes work going on right now, especially in regards to these commissions, and consistently getting sick and losing a day or two each week is really not helping the work flow. I’m not overwhelmed, but I am… whelmed? There’s a lot on my plate, but I’m putting away enough of it that I’m keeping pace with the fill. Hopefully this week we can make some progress towards properly clearing some things off it. Here’s hoping.


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