The Royal Palace of Mul Domar

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While the palace above ground serves as a front office to the rest of the world the it is only a small manor compared to the real palace, a strong fortress, protected and surrounded by solid rock. Its halls and chambers are hewn out below the mountains. Each room is a testament to the craftsmanship and skill of the dwarves. The walls are decorated with beautiful pattern, texts and illustrations depicting their long history. Giant statues of the old kings keep a watchful eye on all that wander through the halls. 

In the back of the palace are the royal chambers, all connected to the throne room, with Jovrstund, the throne, at the very back, overlooked by mighty statues of the first king and his sons.

For centuries the halls have been the proud home of the dwarven kings and queens, but two decades ago the palace was abandoned and the court moved to above ground, along with most of the citizens of the Undercity. Something evil and terrible had come from the deepest mines. For a time the dwarves tried to fight it off, but section after section and hall after hall was lost until they were left no other option than to evacuate. Now the dwarves have set their eyes on expanding their territory above the ground, hoping to gather enough resources and manpower to one day retake their mountain kingdom.

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