Cult of the Pit God!

In the desert wastes of Tamoa sits the city of Xionen, the Ivory Jewel. This city of thieves and miscreants is ruled by the immortal sorcerer kings, while corrupt politians and merchant princes fight for whatever crumbs of power remain, turning to horrible rituals and dark magics to achieve their goals.

Approached by the daughter of the powerful merchant prince Sathul, the party are charged with stealing the mystic emerald of Lok’tharr during a hedonistic party of debauchery at her father’s mansion palace. But the players are in for more than they bargain for when they learn they are the honoured guests of the cult of the pit god!

This one-shot adventure is created as a sword and sorcery caper, where magic is distrusted, the protagonists are morally grey, and life is brutal, bloody, and short. Players will need to trust in their natural strength and guile in equal parts to survive this pulp action thriller!

**WARNING** This adventure contains mature themes and should be adjusted appropriately for the group and players tastes and expectations.

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