Dragons Remastered

Dragons Remastered is a 101-page book filled with new and interesting takes on the classic dragons you know and love. 

This book provides 66 stat blocks of dragons. The book includes 16 different types of dragons and 2 iconic legendary avatar’s of the dragon gods Tiamat and Bahamut. 

This book remasters the classic 10 chromatic and metallic dragons in the Monster Manual by giving them new abilities, rebalanced statblocks, and new breath attacks to ensure each type of dragon

is a special encounter with its own abilities and combat style. Each dragon also has new lore, expanding upon or rewriting their original lore. 

Dragons remastered also adds the following 6 dragon types from older d&d editions to the 5e roster

  • Brown Dragons who live in the wide open deserts

  • Grey Dragons who stalk the badlands and turn 

  • Purple Dragon who dwell in the deep darkness of the Underdark

  • Mercury Dragon with their love of everything beautiful

  • Orium Dragons who excavate and restore all the things that once was

  • And Adamantine Dragons who are reclusive master crafters

And as a bonus, the book also includes two mighty CR 30 avatars

  • An Avatar of the five headed Tiamat, wielding a multitude of breath attacks and a deadly stinger

  • And an Avatar of the Platinum Dragon Bahamut, wielding a godly breath of disintegration, or a breath of life

Included in this book is also a new magic system for Dungeon Masters to make it way easier to run spellcasting monsters without all the hassle of tracking spell levels and knowing about 30 spells by heart for a single monster. 

And finally the book remakes the dragonborn by making its breath attacks much more interesting and adding new dragonborn types to reflect the new dragons included in the book.

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