Eclipse Phase: Xenovore Fate’s

Text: Xenovore's Fate is a Gatecrashing Op for Transhumanity's Fate

A team of xenoarcheologists on exoplanet Vishnu unearths a spectacular find. But the expedition’s backer and lead archeologist is more interested in making reality XP recordings than good science. Incautious inquiries lead to an infection risk. If they don’t react quickly, the team will need all of their wits to make it back to the Pandora gate amidst a major infection event.

Xenovore’s Fate is a stand-alone adventure designed for Gatecrashing Ops team.

  • PCs accompany a troubled xeno-archeological expedition that uncovers a terrible secret
  • Details the cloud forests of the exoplanet Vishnu and it’s slug-like fauna

Xenovore’s Fate is a 64-page adventure that can be run as an introductory scenario or as an one-off adventure in a campaign using the Transhumanity’s Fate rules.

Eclipse Phase Transhumanity’s Fate

This product is priced at $6.99


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