Heroes of Qalanor Adventure Game

The land of Qalanor (Kal-an-or) on the planet Threa (Th-ray) is an Island and the largest land mass on the planet. It stretches five thousand miles from the snow capped Karg mountain range in the North to the jungles and deserts of the South and three and a half thousand miles from the rich farming lands in the West to the vibrant sun drenched lands in the East.

Many cultures call Qalanor their home and many races dwell in the cities, towns, villages and wilds. The predominant civilised races are Humans, Elves, Dwarfs and Halflings. Some even band together to form adventuring parties of wizards and warriors skilled with spell, bow and sword.

These adventurers seek fortune and fame, accepting quests to rid the land of monsters plaguing Hamlets and Villages or battling blood thirsty cultists beneath city streets! Wherever there is gold to be made and magic items to be found there will be a Hero of Qalanor ready to quest!

This game gives you, the player full rules for Game Play, Heroes, Monsters, Character Sheets, Magic items and Spell Effects along with a full set of Dungeon Tiles-Rooms for you to print as many as you need!

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