Lanzadera Shuttle

The Lanzadera is one of the unsung heroes of modern commerce. Whether delivering cargo to orbit, bringing the workforce to shipyards or delivering packaged meals to space ports, the Lanzadera is always there, working hard in the background. 

Operating a shuttle can give you lots of interesting opportunities  for adventure in one planetary system. Perhaps the local thugs want you to launder money? The military want you to support their fleet operations, or the metal mining company offers you a contract to deliver a service to their refinery. Can you keep your staff happy and still make money? What do you do when you reputation drops and your staff leave?

You get details and deck plans for four versions, the basic cargo model, a 50 seat passenger shuttle and two long range models; one cargo ship, one for passengers. 

There are three files. 

A description of the ship and what it does.

Deck plans

Advice on buying new and used, instructions on how to make money with your shuttle, how to manage your crew and what happens when you can’t meet the monthly repayments.

There’s also a lot of pictures.

This supplement is designed with the rules in the Cepheus Engine SRD for 2D6 Science Fiction roleplaying games.

This product is priced at $8.00


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