Morningstar – Ironclad

Morningstar – Ironclad is a Solo Story Adventure. The premise for the story, along with the endgame of the antagonists, are included along with a brief description of the setting and circumstances. The descriptions are provided for the purpose of immersion only.

The Ironclad of the Maian Solar Empire are said to be among the Galaxy’s finest professional warriors. In a culture throughout Known Space which favours tolerance and pacificism, the Ironclad seem an archaic reminder of the internal differences within the so-called One Nation of Gaia. When a new threat from an old enemy emerges, the Maians seek to take direct action while their Gaian counterparts seek peace. Ultimately, only one approach can take hold. 

The Story is your own to tell, and your Character is yours to play.



The Ironclad are the armoured fist of the Maian Solar Empire (MSE). Officially under the jurisdiction of the Gaian Unification Council, Maia is a law unto itself in all but name. Most of the humans within the MSE can trace their ancestry to those who settled on Maia (Mars) following their escape from the Vharcoli home Planet Xarua. While the humans of Gaia (Earth) had the assistance of the Lumine to aid their social evolution, the Maians had to fend for themselves. When the two offshoot human species finally came into contact, it was only their symbiotic efforts against the Kobalor which united them.

 It is said that the Ironclad play a large part in the MSE’s seeming ability to act autonomously. The Gaian Unification Council officially holds no singular Security Force by way of a standing army (nor does any other known Species). The Ironclad get around this standing directive by maintaining status as a corporate entity. Their Director is Jacynta Uss, sister of Sovran Dravin Uss, the leader of the MSE. Sovran Uss, with the help of Jacynta and many others, fosters a culture of self-determination with the MSE. They pride themselves on the lack of red tape preventing one from reaping the reward of hard work. Service as part of the Ironclad is seen as the pinnacle of duty for younger citizens within the MSE, often impacting their future prospects.

 With the rivalry against a more politically aware and ingratiated Kobalor regime resurfacing, the Ironclad begin a westward push to the Kobalor Frontier through Gaian space. They are ready for anything, and aim to live up to every bit of their reputation.

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