Road to Champoor (The Freedom Stone, Book 1)

Jade Cricket is a Solar on the run — from the Empire of Prasad, from her tumultuous past, even from fate itself. When a pack of Lunars dedicated to sabotaging the Wyld Hunt rescues her from an untimely execution, Cricket takes the chance to start a new life on her own terms. But with an obsessive scion of Clan Ophris determined to capture her, a bizarre plague crippling towns along the northwest coast of the Dreaming Sea, and an increasingly complicated relationship with her new Silver friends, it seems fate might yet get the upper hand.

This novella reboot of the webcomic Exalted: The Freedom Stone comes with a (very) simple primer on the setting of Exalted to get new fans up-to-speed, and a collection of exclusive illustrations by the author, Rai W. Cole!

This product is priced at $4.99


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