Shipwrecked! Part Four: Mystery of Fang Island

An interactive narrative solo adventure for level 4 characters!

Part 1 available here!

Part 2 now available!

Part 3 now available!

New class for solo play now available!


Awesome new features!

  • The Dynamic Battlefield allows you to use the environment to your advantage!

  • Finally, Aliz’ah joins the battle as your custom sidekick!

  • Gorgeous, full-colour battle maps for every combat encounter

  • Two-player adjustment rules for duo play

  • Suggestions for expanding the adventure as a standard, multiplayer module

  • Follow the author on Twitter: @NimbusOf and Facebook Nimbus of Legend Games



Merchant sailors whisper of an abandoned trading post in the infamous Serpent Island chain of the Sea of the Utter South. Not willing to allow this mystery to stand, you and your sidekick Aliz’ah seek to solve the Mystery of Fang Island! Set in Zakhara of Al-Qadim fame, this adventure offers adventure, exploration, combat, and delightful rewards! Don’t miss out, the adventure continues!


This product is priced at $3.99


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