Spinning Encounters, Realms Below Moria, Part I

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And you may be wondering… how are you going to turn a sewer map into something that we might be able to use in both Aliens & Asteroids and Tattered Magicks? Well, to be honest I have the Aliens side figured out and am still working out the Tattered side, so let’s start there!

The Map

You can find the link to this map up above, but as I was perusing the long list of maps Dyson has released for Commercial Purposes (https://dysonlogos.blog/maps/commercial-maps/), I was struck by the fact that we rarely see sewers on other worlds. We really should remedy that!

Sewers on Alien Worlds

So let’s start with Aliens & Asteroids.

In the Stellar Graveyard are myriad worlds devastated by the Dread. Each target of opportunity held enough life to attract the Monarch’s attention and each civilization dealt with the invasion in a different way.

The people of Moria 3 were a peaceful species who had just experienced a period of sustained positive growth after decades of civil war. There was a baby boom. Egg sacs flourished and generations of new Morians were working hard to rebuild a world through hard work and focus on the health of the community.

Nests grew exponentially and agrarian practices boomed with the advent of new knowledge gifted them by the Gollus. They were able to create plant species able to grow in the soils destroyed first by overfarming and overpopulation and tainted with the chemical weapons used by angry tyrants.

Eventually their world looked like a green jewel from space, tapping into long lost water resources deep in the planet crust to feed their newfound genetically modified biodiversity. The survivors will tell you they had about ten good years before Dreadfall. They fought back for a while, but didn’t have the numbers to sustain it. That’s when world leaders made a horrible choice to bomb the surface and hope that enough Morians could move underground to sustain the species.

Looking at it now, you’d never know that Moria 3 ever sustained life. It’s now covered in giant craters and drifting radiation storms scouring the surface. But beneath that bombed surface are extensive systems of tunnels and underground nests trying to root out the remaining Dread so they may eventually call for help and escape their homeworld.

The Adventure

A message rang out across open channels and was eventually picked up by the Dominion Signals Corps. The Morians were in dire need of medicines to stop a disease running through nest after nest destroying eggs. The Dominion is sending you to deliver the medicines to Moria 3 — a mission of mercy. Dominion scientists were able to synthesize an antidote that would keep affected eggs alive long enough for the Morians to institute enough control to eradicate the disease before beginning planetary evacuation. While you are there you will help the Morians finish off or isolate the final Dread nest.

Next Time

In our next article I will explore the Tattered Magicks side of this equation! But never fear… you’ll learn more about the Morians and their fight eventually too!



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