The Blessed Doom That Walks: The God King Cuauhtl

Each demigod from The Blessed Doom That Walks series comes with 1-2 illustrations, a background text and four D6 tables, that can be used as handouts, starting points or inspiration for your own adventure. The D6 tables are as follows: 

  • The adventurers’ goal (suggestions for how to include the player characters)
  • The demigod’s goal (how it will affect the world/the player characters)
  • The demigod’s strength (its most powerful natural ability out of many)
  • The demigod’s weakness (how it is defeated/incapacitated)

The demigod is suggested to be used as an antagonists, powerful NPC or ally, or even as an unique patron or minor deity for the players. It can also be used as a force of nature – an external threat that in essence is neutral and uncaring, reserving the role of the players’ antagonist for someone or something else.

I hope you will enjoy this powerful being and good luck in your adventures.

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