Two Bit Tables: Dynamic Weather Generator

GM: You wake up ready to chase down the lead you got last night about where the entrance to the cave is located.

Player:  I open the inns window preparing for the hike.  What’s the weather out?

GM:  Humm.

Weather affects many aspects of an adventurer’s life, from slowing travel to making armor unbearable to wear for long periods.  But how do you create a realistic dynamic weather pattern to simulate a realistic world?  Well, never fear, your friends at Healing Fireball are here to help.  With the tables in this product you can create a unique weather pattern for each day.  With 7 Weather filled tables covering everything from humidity to cloud cover.  Plus a bonus section about generating extreme weather patterns.  All this and it’s only 50¢.

Product is 5 pages and a cover.

This product is priced at $0.50


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