Free Minis: Kickstarter – Epic, modular bases for miniatures!

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Basing is a large part of the miniature hobby, they are the finishing touch to the miniature you used hours on, but for many, it is a chore. We wanna help you with that!

For our second Kickstarter, we once again focus entirely on bases and we have another huge set of 8 great themes for you. On top of that, we have added another ton of modularity, as we loved how you loved it the last time! And we also have square versions for 6 of the 8 themes this time.

Each set has 10 prebuilt (easy to print, easy to use) bases as well as a bunch of thematic assets (loose parts) for the bases like spikes, mushrooms, jerrycans, demonic mirrors and even a dragon skull! If you want to print and paint as fast as possible, print the prebuilt bases. But you also get a ton of modularity, and you can tinker away for the perfect base. Each of our 8 core themes come with stripped /simple versions (minimum 3 for each set) as well for you to use and add the stuff you need, and thereby have endless combinations for the coolest bases!

What is a modular base?

Here we show the prebuilt base with the dragon skull from the Dragon Lair set, and besides it, the same base in it’s alternative (stripped) version and then made into a mushroom cave with added assets, now ideal for your goblins or kobolds?

You can do this modification without any modeling or 3D editing experience. You can print first, then glue together physically. Or you can merge files in a digital editor easily before printing. See our guide at the bottom about how to easily put an awesome base together digitally in a free programme.

Further down you can also find 3 free samples of our prebuilt bases from this and our former campaign.

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