Guarded Gap 48×27

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“Well now you’ve gone and done it,” Orith yells, the normally cheerful Dwarven Ranger now much more dour as arrows rain down from the parapets onto the rocks surrounding the fleeing party. “Insulting the occupiers of the fort that controls the one safe passage through these mountains for three days’ walk was hardly your finest move Bard!”

“I didn’t mean anything by it” shrieks Athurkin, the group’s especially diminutive Gnomish Bard dodging sharply to the left as a fire bolt hits a boulder in front of him causing fragments to project out in a hail, “how was I to know that blowing my nose at them was a local insult!?!”

“I think we all know full well that you cast aspersions as to the maternal lineage of that particularly hairy fellow with the ears that tipped this negotiation over the edge,” Orith quipped back.



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