Morningstar – Rulers Of Blood

Morningstar – Rulers Of Blood is a Solo Story Adventure. The premise for the story, along with the endgame of the antagonists, are included along with a brief description of the setting and circumstances. The descriptions are provided for the purpose of immersion only.

The Var’Osh are expanding and their approach is evolving. Some are no longer content to rove the Galaxy on board their flotillas, being viewed as monsters. The situation on the Kobalor Frontier has provided a foothold for one particular Var’Osh and her loyal followers. Selling the concept of the apex predator to those who had been marginalised up until this point has proved to be a success, but it could only remain unchallenged for so long.

The Story is your own to tell, and your Character is yours to play.



The Var’Osh separatist movement has grown from strength to strength. The Vharcoli who follow the path of the Var’Osh, and the Aprosa from other Species who choose to join them, now claim the allegiance of millions throughout the Galaxy. Their so-called Gift – the ability to share their life blood in order to enable the recipient to consume life force, and manifest powers – is an attractive prospect to the disenfranchised.

 On dozens of Planets in the Kobalor Frontier there was civil unrest among entire populaces, who felt they had been forgotten by their Gaian overlords. Recent flashpoints between anti-Magic hardliners, the Kobalor, and certain factions under Gaian authority only caused further instability in the region.

 When Cliaori Sa-Reynolds settled with her followers on Betara Prime she quickly embarked on a campaign for hearts and minds. Having both a Vharcoli and Gaian heritage, the story of her journey from noble, to outcast, to revolutionary leader, resonated with the citizens of the once-prosperous Planet. In public she worked tirelessly to revitalise industry, while in private her entourage added even more willing followers to the ranks of her personal army. Betara Prime became the first Planet to be openly governed by the Var’Osh. Cliaori found ways to temper the perceived brutality of feeding on the life force of sentient beings, with the notion that those who made this commitment were fighting for a brighter future.

 Of all the disturbance within the region of late, this turn of events sparked the most interest from the Triumvirate, who were already covertly monitoring the Frontier.

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