Steel Bunker Map Tiles



Hidden in the deep dark forest is an ancient steel bunker from a long-forgotten war, the metal plates corroded and scratched with age. Do you dare to enter inside the structure and explore what secrets it hides?

The Steel Bunker Map Tiles pack is a collection of art assets designed to give Game Masters a simple and easy method of creating their own virtual tabletop adventure maps. Simply drop each map tile onto the map canvas, one by one, to build up a dungeon to explore. Then save out the created map as a JPG image for use in your favourite virtual tabletop roleplaying application.

What is a Map Tile?

Our map tiles depict an area of terrain, such as the floor of a cave, an area of grass, or where the floor meets a wall. The map tiles are provided as ready-made art elements that can be pieced together on a digital canvas to form an adventure map that players can explore.

All Studio WyldFurr map tiles have a unique “look & feel” as each map tile is a combination of photographic source material combined with hand-drawn artwork.

How to use the Map Tiles?

The map tiles have been made as a kind of ready-made art pack that you can simply just “drag-n-drop” onto a digital art canvas to build a map. To do this all you need is a graphics editing program such as Photoshop, Gimp, Clip Studio Paint, Affinity Photo, or another graphics editing program that will permit you the ability to use PNG images to build maps. We recommend using Gimp, it is free and is a very powerful program for this task.

Map Tile Scale

The Studio WyldFurr range of digital role-playing tokens and map tiles all use a standard scale of 1 inch to 3 pixels, for a standard grid square of 180 pixels. Thus each map tile is a depiction of a 5ft square of terrain.

Sample Gallery

Browse our sample gallery of mini-maps made with the Crystal Map Tiles collection of art assets.

Steel Bunker Map Tiles Sample Art #1Steel Bunker Map Tiles Sample Art #2

Raw Image Files Art Assets Edition

This edition of the Steel Bunker Map Tiles pack is designed for use by Game Masters who love building their own maps and want access to a toolbox of ready-made artistic material rather than the hassle of designing their own material from scratch. The map tiles within this package were designed to act as a library of art assets that a Game Master could simply just drag-n-drop onto a canvas to form a map.

The package contains a wealth of raw image files in PNG file format. These image files form the building blocks which you can assemble into the form of a dungeon, fortress, monster lair, or whatever kind of adventure map structure you desire.

Simply start with a blank canvas inside the graphics editing program of your choice, for example, Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Affinity Photo, or Gimp. Then start composing the form of an adventure location by grabbing a map tile from the library, then plonk it onto the canvas right where you want it to go. Keep placing down map tiles and your adventure map will take form. Building up the map, block by block like Lego.

Using map tiles permits very granular control over the form of your adventure map chambers and passageways, rather than relying on pre-constructed rooms which you cannot change. Once the structure of the map is in place, add the final touches by dressing your map with props and object tokens such as tables, chairs, statues, etc.


“Hello friends, I am Tailz from Studio WyldFurr and I would like to thank-you for taking an interest in this collection of ready-made art assets. This set was designed to give you the ability to create a scratched metal bunker theme structure. But you can use the artwork to build an Alien lair, a secret organisations hideout, or an underground dungeon. I hope this collection of art assets brings you many hours of happy map building and exploreing with your fellow players.”

– Tailz from Studio WyldFurr.

IMPORTANT: This pack of art assets is intended for use building maps for employment within virtual tabletop role-playing applications such as Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, Battlegrounds, Astral, or d20Pro. This package is not a stand-alone game, but a collection of PNG art assets for designing role-playing maps for personal use only.

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