6 XP: Product Update Request Form

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I have decided to start adding some of the elements discussed on Discord. 

Here is the first request form, I will add more as each form can only be used once. Once used I will make a note on a spreadsheet, which will then show me that if you send another 6 XP request form that I can simply delete it. 

That said panic not, I aim to add them every 6 XP! So yes you get to request more than once but only as you level up! 

Each form allows you to request one piece of information to be updated within a product of choice. This will help develop products that have not been unlocked yet with information you are waiting to see. While at the same time benefiting the whole community. 

Hope you like this addition and I cannot wait to see what YOU would like to see developed next… 

So get requesting! Here is your link: (Alternatively the link can be found n the XP Chart at 6XP)


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