A Quick Update

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We’ve had the last fortnight off as a relaxing holiday and we’re now getting back to work on the maps. This has been a special month for the two of us as we’re finally in the same room/country/continent again for the first time in over a year (who knew Covid restrictions would last this long…)

We still plan to release 4 maps this month as well, so keep an eye out for that. The first one will be a new deep sea map.

A few people requested an Astral/Space/Stars variation for the Dracolich Lair which we’ve created and added as an attachment to the map post.

It was also requested that we make a transparent portal version of the Geothermal Rift lowest level, so that people can put different maps behind it and lead their players off to many different worlds. And it was pointed out that we forgot to include a version of the observatory interior with the arcane cannon, so both of those can now be found attached to the map post.

The printable PDFs post has been completely updated, including some earlier maps like the Lightning Rail pt. 2 and Remote Ice Village which were missing before.

The Foundry VTT and EncounterPlus map posts are also in the midst of being updated. All the new maps from last month should be up soon and we’re also working on some of the earlier maps we’ve missed. The huge 120 floor Wizard Tower now has dynamic lighting as well as the Pirate Tavern and the Black Dragon lair. Hopefully soon the whole collection will have VTT versions.

Oh, and as the Void and Clockwork Dragons were both so close on the Dragon Poll, we’ve decided to do both. Hopefully those will be ready in June or July.

That’s everything for now. 🙂


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