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The decay started around 2020 and in less than thirty years we lost centuries of growth.  In thirty years time, the world changed as we knew it. Birth rates sank, deaths spiral out of control. Imagine for a moment that everything you take for granted is gone;  your video games, your supermarkets, your electricity, and all but five percent of every person you’ve ever known. One could expect here that the wellbeing of the population is at a profound new low. Add to that the grim reality that their survival relies solely on the use of the animated bodies of their dead loved ones and you begin to realize the bleak and irreparably grim existence the survivors must bear. 

Survivors formed communities, barricading themselves behind the walls of makeshift fortresses. Outside the land is reclaimed by nature. Mankind fell to an apocalypse of harmless and quiet ruin. Not with a bang, but with a whimper.

In the end, the dead that csme back to haunt us were of our own creation.

The Game

In a broken world where the dead are machines that do the heavy lifting for us, we are just a cog in the social engine, alive at first and forever once dead. The greatest good is to protect human life, at any cost. Nothing is worth more: not the body’s sanctity, nor mental sanity.

In Necrobiotic, you can taste the whole spectrum of emotions, from the deepest horror and the bitterest melancholy to the most moving compassion and the lightest laughter, in a continuous celebration of life and a rediscovery of its fragile uniqueness. The original illustrations will drag you into the alleys of a wounded Florence, among human corpses with tanned leather hides, eternal monuments, and coarse foggy streets.

The original game system is based on deck-building mechanics with a standard deck of playing cards, though Tarot cards can also be used.  Players will always know what they can do alone or together, and the game’s mechanics will easily push the player’s roleplay toward the character’s features, highlighting everyone’s specialties.

Necrobiotic is a dark celebration of life where survival is paramount.  It features unique and emotional art along with a new card system that will draw your players into our grim future.

Who are you?

Architect: You have an educational background in advanced medicine, but you’ve also learned about the science of the constructs. You have mastered the process of tanning corpses and programming the dead.

Militia: You are responsible for keeping civil order within the laws of Florence.  You may be law enforcement, an investigator, a jurist, or even a prosecutor.  You have a level of authority within the walls of Florence, and have an understanding of the law.

Technosophist: You are part of the Free Technosophical Society. You have learned the rudiments of the Technology of the Ancients, learning to recognize lost technologies such as electronic phones and computers or even hydrocarbon engines.  You are able to reactivate, use, and even modify these devices.

Technophant: You have trained as a recruit from the Technopowered Division of the Florence Army. You are equipped with Technopowered Armor, the most devastating weapon known, and are responsible for keeping Florence safe from outward threats.

Engineer: You belong to the Society of Master Builders.  You have advanced knowledge of precision mechanics, thermohydraulics and steam automated mechanics.  You are an inventor, improviser, and a master of modern technology.

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