Urbanite Class for 5e

The Urbanite or Urban Druid is a full player character class for 5th edition D&D.

It includes 3 sublasses (the Precinct of Alleys, the Precinct of Rooftops, and the Precinct of Sewers) as well as over 40 new spells.


The density of sentient creatures in cities creates its own super-organism that fuels the powers of Urbanites. They are occasionally called Municipaldins, though they are not a type of paladin at all. Communities hold a magic of their own. Urban Druids, but Urbanites have no special relationship with vegetation or nature. Urbanite magic comes from the syngergy of life forces in densely populated areas.

They are protectors of the cities, on guard against plague and pollution, watching over the hubs of collected intellect. They have no great connection with nature and wild life, except those specialized flora and fauna that have evolved in city environments.

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