Aventurian Player Species-Scales, Pelts and Wiry Hair

This booklet contains the species Achaz, Marus,
Krakonians, Orcs, Half-orcs, Holberkers, Goblins and Grolms,
including culture packages and the magical Tradition of
Grolms and their G‘rolmuric Tradition Artifact.
All Stats are based on official NPCs of 5. Edition The Dark Eye
and can be used to create fully compatible NPCs as well as
exotic Player Characters.
While these rules are fully compatible with modern day
Aventuria, most of them were created as a part of the upcoming
project „TDE5-The Dark Ages“ which will contain everyting
to use the Setting Supplement „Die Dunklen Zeiten-Imperien
in Trümmern“ with the 5th Edition ruleset. This
setting depicts the dark past of Aventuria‘s Antiquity, were
nonhuman characters are way more common in human settlements,
when Grolm and Man were Neighbours in Bosparan
and when Krakonian and Maru patrolled the Streets of the
city of Elem, in the far east of the Diamond Sultanate.

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