Awaken | New 5th-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition

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The adventure takes place as part of the Mystery Island adventure series but is otherwise setting agnostic. This entire adventure and its related parts can be placed into any campaign setting of your choice. You may run this adventure just as it is, but you may also combine this adventure with the other adventures in the Mystery Island series, returning to sections of this adventure where appropriate. Tips for weaving the adventures together are included throughout the document.


Far out in the middle of the ocean stands an island of sand, rock, jungle, and creatures. This island isn’t on any map. It isn’t in any history books. No sea shanties share songs of its existence. No, this island is a total mystery. For centuries, it’s trapped explorers, both domestic and extraterrestrial, within its watery borders. Humanoid, animal, fiend, or celestial, no one has ever been able to escape Mystery Island.

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