Dwarven City Map Pack

Dwarven Map Pack:

  • Complete with 5 City maps!
  • 7 Battle Maps!

All City Maps have a named and blank variant for your own naming!

All Battle maps have a gridded and blank variant for convenience!

The City is built from the surface to the underground and exists in 4 layers:

  • (The Breach) The top of the city a rest stop for travellers.
  • (Upper Ocelman) Trade district and home to master crafters and their clan houses.
  • (The Sanctum of Secrets) Even dwarves have libraries and secrets.
  • (Lower Ocelman) Home to the thieves and the king living in his palace.

Battle Maps include:

  • 2 x Random city maps based in the same style of the city maps.
  • The kings throne room
  • The bustling Tavern
  • The Pawnbrokers Shop
  • The Storehouse
  • The Gorge (My players favourite, a map based on a hanging crane above a deep hole to nowhere)

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