Gods of Aach’yn – The Autarch

The Autarch maintains a near deity like following. He officially discourages being considered a god, insisting he gave up the opportunity to be one, so that the people of Aach’yn might survive to this day. He does however maintain a single “temple” in T’chel. This church building serves an official use for those seeking an audience with The Autarch. A large enough donation can guarantee a chance to speak with the ruler of the known world.

The Autarch holds many titles. Ruler of all, Giver of light, and Father of T’chel, but his preferred moniker is “He who weaves time and fate.” He is extremely powerful, when the world was exploding he stopped time and reweaved magic to keep a portion of the world alive. His soldiers, ward templar, and faithful all claim he still continues to be all that stands between the known universe and the end of all life.

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