Infernal Arena 40×30 Battlemap

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A wizard will pay you a small fortune to travel into the plane of fire. There you will acquire a magically enhanced flaming dagger from a djinn Lord. The wizard says he wants you to do whatever is necessary to get it, before opening a portal for you. You will, of course, be paid AFTER you have acquired the goods and returned to the material plane—adventurers are notorious for taking gold and, ahem, leaving.

When you step through the portal, you arrive at the entrance to a giant obsidian castle and salamander guards surround you. They escort you to the djinn Lord, who says that to receive the dagger you must first defeat his champions in the arena.

If you defeat them, the greatly pleased djinn applauds loudly from his throne above the arena as the wizard steps out of the shadows behind him. The djinn thanks him for his contributions, saying the gladiators have performed as promised. He hands the dagger to the wizard, who grins before teleporting back to the material plane.

WHAT’S HAPPENING? The wizard has sold your party as gladiators in exchange for the dagger, without telling you.

If you try to kill the djinn, he will summon a fire elemental to fight for him. If you defeat that, he will cast invisibility and attempt to flee (he was previously trapped for many years and will vehemently resist it happening again).

If you negotiate with the djinn he will be reluctant to release his best champions yet—unless of course you recover an item of even greater value from the wizard. Something he’s had his eyes on for a while now… If you agree to recover it for him, the djinn will open a portal for you, after branding you magically so he knows where you are until you fulfill your deal.

Arena of Rot

Arena of Rot Rising Bile

Pirate Lord’s Arena

Arena of Slaughter

Arena of Slaughter Rising Blood

Underwater Arena


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