Novel: The Fiery Five

This story starts in Havena during the early summer of 1038 FB when Toshifin Perilar, one of the members of the adventurers group known as “The Fiery Five“, is asked by the apparition of a mysterious Tulamyde to travel to the city of Angbar.
There Toshi reunites with his four friends and meet with a Rahja priestess.
A chain of events has started in Angbar that will endanger this city, the Kosh Mountains region and eventually the whole continent of Aventuria.

All hope now lies with five extraordinary adventurers.

The Fiery Five” is the first novel about this charming and heroic group of friends.

From author Alex Revesz comes a fantastical story of intrigue, exploration, comradery, love and all out adventure. Set in the award-winning world of The Dark Eye Roleplaying Game.

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