Zombies at the Zalkens

The smothering fog hangs thick in the air around you, muffling all sounds of wildlife and plunging you into an eerie silence. Suddenly, a low guttural moan drifts towards you, followed by another and another. You can make out several shadowy humanoid figures approaching you. Their eyes burn a dark crimson red…the color of blood.

From Award-Winning author Liam Murray comes

Zombies at the Zalkens

This adventure is designed for four to six 3rd level characters and should take about 6 hours to finish, depending on the group.

The adventure contains full colour maps, as well as VTT versions of the maps. 

It is designed for the Curse of Strahd campaign and takes place after the party arrive in the village of Barovia. It is a perfect quest to introduce your players to the wonderfully spooky world of Barovia and helps flesh out the Village of Barovia.

Adventure Summary

The important Zalken family farm, which supplies the Village of Barovia with food, has been taken over by a horde of zombies under the control of an evil druid! When a party of capable adventurers arrives in the village just a few days after the attack, the village burgomaster, Ismark Kolyanovich, requests their help.

During the adventure the party will make their way through zombie infested cornfields to reach the Zalken family farmhouse where they will confront the evil druid who is controlling the ravenous zombie horde!

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