Animals – Pack 1

Animals Pack 1 – PERMES Easy Scenery Series Set PMD-SP12

The Easy Scenery series presents scenic items and creature miniatures intended to enhance your gaming and model-making, whatever your preferred genre. These sets are designed to supplement your chosen heroic and villainous character minis.

PERMES Animals - Pack 1 - minis preview

This set contains total 35 front and back artwork 30mm scale papercraft wild animals ready to cut figurines in various poses and colours (set includes: camels, lions, pantheras and puma, dogs, wolves, oxes, crocodiles, turtles, vultures, horses, mountan goats, brown and polar bears). The animals are based on real-world originals. However, they have been adjusted towards more generic examples, so are not meant to represent specific sub-species.

PERMES Animals - Pack 1 - set pages preview

The final 2 pages to print out includes a selection of 6 different ground and water surfaces bases to cut to size and fit to your completed minis. All minis, parts, accessories and elements of scenery are 300dpi 30mm front and back full colour artwork suitable both for RPG and wargaming.

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