The City of the Steam Sun. Playing with Fire.

The creation of explosive devices in Limbo was considered impossible for a long time. But at the end of November, 1894, an explosion thundered in the slums of the outer ring of the Day Sector, killing a Chinese businessman and a member of the Triad Ki Gui Hao. The guards immediately created an official version of events: these unfortunate men died as a result of a steam car boiler explosion. However, people who were familiar with the situation understood that someone had overcome the laws of nature, and now they needed to figure out how
to live in new conditions. The whole city seemed to freeze in anxious anticipation: the new technology and its creator were hunted, gangs prepared for a war for redistribution of power, and the Guards did their best to prevent bloodshed.

In this book, you will find two adventures, the events of which are connected with the bombers’ appearance in the Web. In the first adventure, Bishop Jensen hires detectives to rescue a girl who is being held captive by demons. In the second, Custodes Umbra agents must prevent an attempt on Chancellor Cornaro and uncover the whole criminal chain–from the bombers to the organizers and manufacturers of the explosives.

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