There Once Were Dragons Companion 11

This accessory for There Once Were Dragons, the roleplaying game of epic fantasy action, introduces 10 new magical weapons:

  • The Bad Juju uncommon dagger.
  • The Deadbane uncommon greatsword.
  • The Entwined Fates legendary longsword.
  • The Fanged Viper exotic dagger.
  • The Heavenly Prayer rare battle axe.
  • The Kraken exotic longsword.
  • The Rolling Thunder uncommon longsword.
  • The Second Coming legendary bow.
  • The Storm Beacon uncommon spear.
  • The Windwaker rare bow.

As with all There Once Were Dragons magical treasures, each item comes with a table able to produce many different variants so you will never have to find the same loot twice!

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