100 Minor Jobs for Adventurers

The big quests and adventures may have the big rewards, but not every character is immediately able to participate in those, or they may have a bit of downtime that needs using up. This supplement has 100 small side jobs that characters could do. Most will not have any great reward; in some cases, the reward isn’t, or isn’t all, money, for these are jobs needed doing by the average person and smaller town.

That doesn’t mean the jobs may not be problematical in one way or another. Some are requests for less than honest work, if you can read the code between the lines. In other cases, the situation may be more dire than the person requesting help believed, or perhaps their ends are more nefarious than they are making out.

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Here are some sample results:

  • My windmill has broken. The mechanism seized up and the sails snapped as a result. I need it fixing urgently. If you’re skilled with mechanisms, and aren’t afraid to clamber around on the outside and top of a windmill, come see Faeera Grats at Lantern Mill. I can pay 50 gp plus a year’s supply of freshly ground flour.
  • Need skilled and strong people for some building work in town. I’ve recently bought an old, rundown building, and I need to hire people capable of repairing what’s wrong with it. Payment will range from 1 sp to 5 gp a day, depending on your skills, though this is open to negotiation once you prove yourself. I’ll be at the site on Hogarth Road during daylight hours on weekdays. Tramlin Klone.
  • Need someone capable of doing a bit of discrete investigation. I’m concerned that my business partner is stealing from me, and I need someone to follow them and keep an eye on what they’re doing. The ability to blend in with a crowd or otherwise keep out of sight is paramount. Payment will be 30 gp per day. My representative will meet applicants at the Green Lion; I need to keep this discrete.
  • Need someone with a good eye who can detect and find secret compartments in wagons and ships that are used for smuggling. If you have skills that would help with such, please see Drena Elorin at 32 Wharf Street. (A code can be recognised with a suitable check that shows that the poster is looking for someone to make such compartments, not find them.)
  • Next week, the annual blacksmithing contest is going to be held at the fairground outside town. If you’ve got skill, turn up and have a go. See who’s the best smith in the area. 100 gp purse for the winner.

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